Dual USB Australian Power Point Home Wall Power Supply Socket Kit SAA Approval

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For your safety, please make sure to buy the product with SAA Approval!  

How to verify our certificate of approval?   

    1. Go to the website of SAA APPROVALS (http://www.saaapprovals.com.au/certified-product-approvals-register/)
    1. Input our SAA Approval number: 161539
  1. Search result appears as follows
  • The outlet is fully compliant to AU/NZ standards
  • SAA approved
  • Fire retardant
  • Easy to install
  • The twin USB powered 5V socket will charge various MP3 player, mobile phone, iPhone/iPad, camera, etc.
  • 2x regular 240v AC power sockets
  • 2x high power USB charge ports, which are tablet friendly, allowing you to charge two devices with USB cables at the same time without a wall charger
  • Simply remove the USB cable after charging and the doors automatically close so there is zero power consumed
  • Ideal to use in the kitchen, office, bedroom and guest room, etc.
This device is recommended to be installed by a qualified electrician.
Please note: Due to various USB voltage output parameters of mobile devices, our products support charging 95% mobile devices on the market, and you may need extra specific chargers for the rest 5% devices.

  • Material for faceplate: flame-retardant polycarbonate(PC)
  • Material for back frame: fireproof PC
  • Material for contact: Strong conductive bronze
  • Dimensions:118(L) x 72(H) x 16mm(D)
  • Colour: White
  • Allowed maximum current for AC electric outlet: 10Amp
  • Allowed maximum voltage for AC electric outlet: 250V
  • Allowed maximum current for USB charging ports: 2100mA
  • Allowed maximum voltage for USB charging ports: 5V
  • Compatible plugs: Plugs used in Australia, New Zealand
Package Includes:
  • Please choose qty 1x 2x 5x 10x SAA Dual USB Power Socket