120/240/360/480 PCS Wooden Dominoes Block Tiles Bright Tumbling Knock Down Toys

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100% Brand new and high quality.
-This 100% real wooden Domino set can also play as a stacking and building toy
-Your kids will sit for hours and create marvelous shapes
-Play with real toys and use our imagination and develop so many crucial skills


Single chip size:4.4x2.0x0.7cm
Paint: nontoxic paint
Color: Multi colour

Material: linden wood (pine, relative, basswood domino smooth surface, not easy to burr, fine- grained, not easy to crack and deformation)

1.Children must use it under the adult's tutelage.
2.Don't throw the away to each other.
3.Don't use it if there is any problem.
4.Don't keep the toy in the mouth to prevent children devour small parts in the toy.

Handle with care, avoid desiccation, being washed.


- 120pcs/240pcs/360pcs/480pcs Domino Blocks