23pcs Disc Brake Wind Back Tool Kit to Rewind Car Automotive Caliper Piston

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Assist in the brake pads replacement on your car, truck or 4 wheel drive disc brake vehicle and replace brake pads and rotate pistons back into the caliper when installing new brake shoes and pads, providing both right-handed and left-handed thrust bolt assemblies for easier job. 


The set includes both right-hand and left-hand threaded magnetic rewind tools with 2 pin fixed drives, a reaction plate plus 18 adaptors which fit a variety of cars.



Exactly the same number of items as other kits listed as 21, 22pcs. The 23pcs counts the carrying case in.

The codes for the adapters needed for each car manufacturer are

Ø   Adapter # 0 General Motors, Cadillac Seville, Eldorado

Ø   Adapter # 1 Retaining plate

Ø   Adapter # 2 Citroen XM, Xantia and other

Ø   Adapter # 3 Alfa Romeo, Audi, Austin, BMW 318 iS, 320 i, 325 TD, 518 i, 525 i, 740 i, 850 ci, M5, Ford Fiesta, Honda Concerto, Jaguar XJ6, XJ40, Mercedes-Benz 190 , 200 , 300 , 420 , 560 , Mitsubishi Colt, Nissan Micra, Stanza, Sunny, Range Rover, Toyota Camry, VW Passat, Golf GTI, Volvo

Ø   Adapter # 4 Alfa Romeo 164 2.0 , Fiat, Ford Telstar, Laser, General Motors Saturn, Grand Prix, Lumina, Honda Prelude, CRX, Mazda, Saab 9000 , Subaru

Ø   Adapter # 5 with 3/8 "square drive

Ø   Adapter # 6 Nissan Primera, VW Golf 4

Ø   Adapter # 7 Audi 80 and 90, V8 and 100 , Coupe, Ford Sierra ABS, Granada and Scorpio from 1985 , Honda Prelude, Nissan Silvia 1.8 Turbo, Blue Bird Primera 2.0 i, LS, GS, GSX, Rover 8000 , Saab 9000 , Subaru L and Z Peugeot 405 1 .9Gi, Gri, Sri, GTXI, MI16, 605 2.0 Sri, Toyota Celica, Corolla GT, MR2, VW Golf and Passat Cl, Gl, GT, GT 16V, 16V Corrado, Scirocco GTX 16V, Jetta Synchro , Jetta, GTI 16V

Ø   Adapter # 8 GENERAL MOTORS

Ø   Adapter # 9 General Motors, Cadillac Seville, Eldorado

Ø   Adapter # 10 Audi VW SKODA SEAT

Ø   Adapter # A Renault R21, Laguna

Ø   Adapter # E Cefrio Nissan, Maxima

Ø   Adapter # F Opel Corsa, Astra, Zafira and Vectra

Ø   Adapter # K Citroen C3, C5

Ø   Adapter # K1 Citroen

Ø   Adapter # K2 Citroen

Ø   Adapter # M Ford

Ø   Adapter # N Renault, Saab and Honda

Ø   Adapter # O Retaining plate

Package included

Ø  1x Magnetic left handed spindle

Ø  1x Magnetic Right handed spindle

Ø  18x adapters to fit almost all types of vehicle

Ø   2x reaction plates

Ø  1x Blow molded case into which each component clips safely for secure transport