4 x Tyre Deflators - Air Deflator Tool - Tire Pressure Deflators Brass

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  • Brand New and Highly Quality
  • Package Quantity: 4 x Car Tyre Valve Core
  • Material: Metal Iron & Steel
  • Dimension: 40*15mm
  • Male Thread: 10mm /0.4inch
  • Color: Gold
  • Rapidly deflates tyres down to 6psi to 30psi in a few minutes
  • Can be used on any standard Schrader tyre valve stem
  • No tools required, just screw on & off by hand
  • 100% solid brass make to prevent rust or corrosion
  • Can be custom adjusted between 6 to 30 PSI in 3 psi increments to suit your specific needs
  • Air immediately releases from tyre once screwed on, stopping at present pressure level
  • Can be used on any standard valve
  • 1 year warranty

  • 4 x Brass Air Deflater
Instructions for use

1. Set tyre to your desired pressure using a gauge.
2. Screw the head of the deflator down.
3. Screw the deflator onto the tyre valve.
4. Screw the head of the deflator slowly up until you hear air being released.
5. Once air is being released screw the head back a little until the flow of air stops.
6. Screw the ring up to the head to lock setting.
7. Screw deflator off tyre valve.

Your deflator is now set to your desired pressure