Spill Proof Radiator Coolant Filling Funnel Kit 15-pcs Cooling System Fill Kit

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15 PCS Car Radiator Coolant Refill Funnel Kit Spill Proof Cooling System Tool
  • No-Spill Coolant Funnel: The Innovative bleeding kit controls the coolant entering system and enables unattended Filling. Eliminates trapped air pockets which may cause instability in the cooling system and heater.
  • Fill Securely Without Leaks: Highly sealed interface & clear funnel design,allows a quick visual check of the coolant. Take up the mess and save your time.
  • Robust Material & Fine Workmanship: Made of PP ECO material . Test to withstand 200 degrees high temperature & accidental falls(Unless encounter a severe external force).
  • Suitable for Most Vehicles: Multiple adapters , 2x45 ° elbows & a 5" extender, Fit Radiators or Surge Tanks on Most Domestic and Import Cars and Light Trucks.
  • Economic Design: The Fluid Stopper will help you economically recycle unused coolant in the funnel after finish. Bright color and sealed lid help you to storage efficiently.
  • Install the correct size adapter and Tight to make sure it doesn’t leak. Place the gasket in a downward position.
  • Fill the coolant funnel about 1/3 up while COLD,so when system burps fluid falls into the system rather than more air.
  • Go to your car and set the climate controll settings(or heat setting) to the hot, but make sure that the fan/heater is "OFF".
  • Now START you car,let the car idle for a while until it's hot enough to open the thermostat and turn on the fans.
  • After waiting, and once the thermostat opens up to cool your engine, you'll see the coolant level drop, and a few to a large amount of air bubbles comming up, this is the trapped air escaping your cooling system.
  • After standard hour of running, if you still see air bubble comming out, check your overflow tank and make sure it has coolant in it.
  • When run the engine, fluid level should be at low position. Keep RPM on idle position.(Shut down the engine if notice the fluid level rise excessively. Wait for fluid level go lower before restarting the engine.)Once the bubbling stopped ,Use Fluid Stopper for remaining fluid inside the funnel
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Pacakge Includes:

  • 1 x MLid
  • 1 x Funnel
  • 2 x 45 Degree Elbow
  • 1 x Fluid Stopper
  • 1 x 5 inches Straight Extension
  • 1 x Large Cap A
  • 1 x Medium Cap B
  • 1 x Small Cap C
  • 1 x Threaded Cap D
  • 1 x Large Adapter A with Gasket
  • 1 x Medium Adapter B with Gasket
  • 1 x Small Adapter C with Gasket
  • 1 x Threaded Cap Adapter D with Gasket for GM
  • 1 x Threaded Cap Adapter E with Gasket for