3x Travel Clothesline Clothes Line Pegless Washing Camping White/Black

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Dry clothes anywhere without using pegs.
A clever pegless design perfect for travel or home. Twisted elastic lines allow you to tuck your clothes into the line, instead of draping them over or using pegs - giving you both convenience and allowing you to dry your clothes faster!  
NO Suction Cups needed - suction cups do not work in real life travel settings and just add bulk to your baggage.
NO Black Cords - White cord means no staining of your clothes.
  • Super small lightweight at just 24 grams - tuck them anywhere in your bag
  • No metal parts - no worries for carry on luggage on planes
  • Durable snap on hooks - loop the line around itself to hook onto door handles, bed rails, chairs, table legs, anywhere you need!
  • 164cm unstretched. Stretches to over 3 metres!
  • Use the elastic cord for other travel needs - e.g. cut them up to make emergency shoelaces
  • Single or bulk packs - Choose your pack size and save money!