3.5L Water Pitcher Jug With Faucet Drinkware Kettle Bottle Refrigerator Summer

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1. Material: The cold water bucket is made of food grade PP, which is very durable, healthy and safe, and is a good choice for household use.
2. Refrigerator kettle: Specially designed for refrigerators, the long and narrow body is convenient to put in the refrigerator compartment, and does not take up space, allowing you to drink cold drinks anytime, anywhere.
3. Excellent resistance to temperature difference: This cold water bucket is resistant to high temperatures and low temperatures, and can withstand temperature differences from -20°C to 120°C. Don't be afraid of temperature difference explosion, don't be afraid of falling, you can put ice cubes and pour boiling water at the same time.
4. Large capacity: 3.5L large capacity, enough capacity and space, can be used by a family for a day, a lot of cold drinks needed for friends gathering, camping, and travel can be used.
5. Convenient cleaning: Large-caliber lid, easy to open, easy to clean, easy to add water and ice, and more thorough cleaning, easy to prepare various cold drinks.
6. Faucet design: Press the faucet, one-click to receive water, and it is more convenient to receive water. The faucet with silicone seal is anti-blocking, anti-drip, sealed and fresh without odor, no worry about long-term use.
7. Intimate design: Place the edge of the table, you can easily receive water without lifting it, and you can drink cool and cold drinks at any time in summer. At the same time, the double lifting ear design is easy to lift, so you can move to the refrigerator more worry-free.
8. Wide application: You can use this cold water bucket to put your favorite juice, ice tea, lemonade, milk and other favorite beverages. Place large ice cubes and fruit slices.
Product name: 3.5L Cold water bucket
Color: White
Material: PP
Size(L * W * H): About 28 * 11 * 17cm

Package Included:
1 Pc * 3.5L Cold water bucket