Snow Foam Washer Gun Car Wash Soap Lance Cannon Spray Pressure Jet Bottle Kit

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  • The washer sprayer and snow foam lance bottle are practical car cleaning tool, easy to rinse foam, can reduce cleaning time and labor cost.
  • Our foam cannon sprayer works with any gas or electric pressure washer. Pressure washer requirements for it to work properly is 2.0 GPM.which is very effective when you need to remove ingrained dirt.
  • Easy to Install and use,The foam lance can be directly connected with a Karcher K series(K2 - K7)pressure washer.Turn the top knob right / closed to get the thickest mixture, adjust the nozzle to get a proper spray pattern, and let it loose.
  • This item is used as a matching accessories of pressure washers for cleaning the car, mechanical equipment, floors, walls, etc. It can be directly connected with the gun on the pressure washer. Bottle can be mounted large cleaning fluid, cleaning fluid suction amount can be adjusted, and spray angle can also be adjusted according to need, it is very convenient to use.
  • This snow foam lance bottle can produce more lather, frothing foam for your use.
  • Can be used with bottle grip.
  • Corrosion-resistant copper material nozzle enables long term usage.
  • Can be used for automotive washing for effective cleaning.
  • Fast connection, interchangeable.
  • Able to spray foam evenly, comparable to profession car wash.
  • 3000 PSI High Pressure washer gun
  • Interface: G1 / 4 "F
  • Requires pressure: 70BAR - 1000PSI
  • Maximum pressure: 200BAR - 3000PSI
  • Requires Flow: 2.0Gpm
  • Maximum flow: 5.3Gpm
  • Material: Plastic, Stainless Steel and Brass
  • Highest Water Temperature: 60℃/140℉
  • 1x 1L Snow Foam Bottle
  • 1x High Pressure Washer Gun
  • 1x Car wash glove
Some Tips for Use:
  • Fill the bottle with hot/warm water before adding soap -- Help your solution mix together.
  • Adjust the spray nozzle first to find the stream of water that works for you. Can be adjusted to spray in a decent fan pattern.
  • Adjust the knob on the top to control water mix in. Minus (-) sign indicates less water (so more foam is produced), the (+) indicates more water (so less foam is produced).
  • Please make sure your pressure washer hose is Metric M22-14mm inner connector.
  • Wash the Foam Nozzle by clean water after using. Avoid the filter is blocked by soap leftover.
  • Requires pressure washer have 2.0GPM & Over 1000 PSI Pressure for use.