GPS HUD Head Up Display HD Speedometer Compass Speed Alarm For All Car Truck Bus

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1. Small body, suitable for placing in any corner, clear and natural display effect, not blocking any line of sight.
2. Easy to Install: A variety of installation methods, with a 360-degree rotating suction cup bracket (included), can be freely installed on the center console or windshield. Powered by USB, it can automatically turn on and off as the car starts and turns off.
3. Manufactured with heart and ingenious: master-level design, ingenious, every inch is carefully manufactured, making the HUD more stylish.
4. GPS compass: direction display, will not get lost in desert/plain.
5. Professional solution design makes the performance more powerful and high-performance processing chip, super performance and compatibility, dual-running memory and dual-core processor to ensure smooth high-speed operation.
6. USB power supply: complete power off when the engine shuts down, no battery drain.
7. Upgraded software: Taiwan's Lianyong technology solution uses the core algorithm to add speed lubrication effect, no jumping speed display, more coherent and smooth.
8. Wide Compatibility: Plug and play, compatible with most cars, vehicle, trucks with USB 5V.

Function: vehicle speed(KM/h or MPH), time, compass driving direction, number of satellites
Alarm: speeding alarm, fatigue driving reminder
Material: ABS+PC
Display size: 2.2 inch
Product size: 52x52x14mm/2.03x2.03x0.55"
Applicable scene: suitable for all models

1.The screen without any display,and no power
Start the car engine;check if the cable line is tight;or connect the USB to the computer to check

2.Without car Speed
After HUD power-on, the GPS will start to find the satellite. Please drive the car to the road. It will work once gets more than 5 satellite signals.

3. Cannot be turned on automatically or repeatedly extinguished during driving
Please use the USB cable to insert the cigarette lighter
If you use the OBD cable, change the sleep voltage to 13.0V or 12.8V
If use the USB cable, make the sleep voltage off.

4.Inaccurate time
Enter the setting items: system time adjustment, turn the dial to the right to adjust the time zone time, after adjusting, press the dial vertically shortly for 2 seconds to save and exit

5.Speed is not correct
(1) If the unit is correct,km KM/mile MPH, (speed unit switch reference settings item)
(2) The car factory had increased speed(5-7%)than real for drivers’ safety,satellite data is strictly follow the international standards
(3) Fine-tuning the vehicle speed, e.g. meter display 100 Km/h, machine display 105Km/h,default value 107-5=102

6.Driving direction display error
After the vehicle speed exceeds 5KM/H, the direction can be displayed normally.

7.Speed is still on display after the car stops
Satellite drift will be caused in underground parking,tunnel,overpass or blockers,please drive your car on open road,then this situation can be solved after the satellite numbers >5

8.HUD cannot be automatically shut down after car stopped
(1) HUD can be shut down in 3 minutes(in OBD mode)
(2) If not in 5 minutes,set item shutdown voltage to 13.5V or use the USB cable

Package includes:
1 X USB Cable
1 X Suction Cup Mount
1 X Double Sided Adhesive Tape
1 X Manual