Baseus Auto Car Rubbish Bin Holder Trash Waste Dust Case Can Garbage Wastebasket

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  • Color: black/Dark Gray
  • Canned material: aluminum alloy + ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)
  • Process: oxidation
  • Capacity: 500mL
  • Fixed position: inner cup holder, door opening, armchair box
1.Click to open, you can easily deal with small garbage.
2.As long as the lid is closed, there will be no odor leakage.
3.Can be placed at will.
4.Fixed telescope feed.
5.Also useful for office desktops.
6.Aviation alloy quality.
7.500mL large capacity.
8.Simple and clean travel.
  • 1x Car trash can (including 30 special trash bags)