12V 24V Car Battery Charger Trickle Smart Repair Motorcycle Lithium LiFePO4 LCD

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• Microprocessor control (CPU).
• 7-stage automatic charging:
• This is a fully automatic battery charger with 7 charging stages.
• Automatic charging prevents the battery from overcharging. Therefore, you can connect the charger to the battery indefinitely.
• Level 7 charger is suitable for most battery types, including calcium, gel and AGM, wet batteries. They can also help recover depleted and sulfated batteries.
• Battery type: most lead-acid battery types, including calcium, GEL and AGM, wet, EFB, etc.also suit for 12v 24v LiFePO4 Lithium Battery,Ternary lithium battery.
• Button explanation LITHIUM: only for Ternary lithium battery(can not charge the lithium battery without protection board)12.6V 6A Max
LEAD:for 12V or 24V Lead-acid battery(Including calcium, GEL and AGM, wet, EFB)6A@12V,3A@24V Max
LifePO4: for 12V or 24V LifePO4 lithium battery,also for 12V or 24V motorcycle lead-acid battery.1.5A Max 14.6V for LifePO4
REPAIR: for Lead-acid battery repair
• Switch mode technology: yes
• Polarity protection: yes
• Output short circuit protection: yes
• Non-battery link protection: yes
• Overvoltage protection: yes
• Overheat protection: Yes
• Cooling fan • Input voltage: 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz
• Rated output: 12V 6A 24V 3A or 1.5A
• Minimum starting voltage: 8.0V
• Battery range: 6-120Ah
• Thermal protection: 65'C +/- 5'C
• Efficiency: application. 85%.
• Meet the standards: CB, CE, IEC60335, EN61000, EN55014
• Dimensions (L×W×H): 160×100×55mm
• Weight: 600g
1* battery charger
1*user manual