12V & 24V Advanced Automotive Relay Tester For Car Battery

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Efficiently diagnose and test automotive relays with our CNBJ-707 Type Electronic Relay Tester. Designed for quick and accurate relay testing, this automotive tool provides essential insights into the relay's performance and functionality.

Key Features:
1. Comprehensive Testing: Capable of testing the three most popular relay types, ensuring versatility for various automotive relays.
2. Control Validation: Tests the proper control of the relay's opening and closing, providing a thorough assessment of its functionality.
3. 12V & 24 V Car Battery Power: Utilizes a 12V & 24V car battery power supply for convenient and reliable automotive relay testing.
4. LED Indicators: Features red and green LED indicators to clearly indicate the relay's status. Red LED for abnormal tests and green LED for normal tests.
5. Quick Diagnosis: Allows for quick and efficient testing of automotive relays, enabling timely and accurate diagnostics.

Model 1 (12V Relay Tester) Specifications:
- Product Models: CNBJ-707 Type (12V
- Product Weight: 262 grams (12V)
- Product Size: 120 x 60 x 25 MM (12V)
- Power Supply: 12V Car Battery (11V-15V)
- Coil Resistance: Preferably above 20 ohms

Model 2: (24V Relay Tester) Specifications:
- Product Models: CNBJ-722 Type
- Product Weight: 290 grams
- Product Size: 200 x 95 x 30 MM
- Power Supply: 24V Car Battery
- Coil Resistance: Preferably above 20 ohms

Usage Instructions:
1. Connect the car battery (12V or 24V) to the relay coil.
2. The tester will evaluate the relay contact function, observing data such as contact head performance, closing time, and relay inertia.
3. LED indicators will display the test results – red for abnormal and green for normal.

Ensure accurate and efficient automotive relay diagnostics with the CNBJ-707 Type Electronic Relay Tester. Please note the requirement for a 12V battery with voltage between 11-15V for optimal performance.