Remote Auto Car Control Keyless Entry Central Door Lock Locks Locking Kit System

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With this 4 door car central locking kit you can transform your manual door locks to automatic door locks. It is compatible with vehicles which have a DC 12V power supply and don't have the central lock system. All mounting hardware and wiring harnesses are included, with remote controller Arm/Disarm button you can lock and unlock all 4 doors at a time, easy to install and operate.


  • Water resistant, 360° rotatable motor head, smooth and block preventing.
  • With 1 master and 3 slaves, powerful and durable motor
  • 2 remote controls: Choices of single control or double control, allow you lock and unlock all doors via the remote controller arm/disarm button
  • All fittings included (includes rod, clamp, screws & brackets)


  • Power Supply: DC 12V±3V
  • Stretch Distance: 18MM±1MM
  • Tensile Force: 32N±4N
  • Module Circuit Current: Max. 81mA
  • Endurance Life: 10,0000 times
  • Please click HERE to see the instruction.

Warm Tip:

  1. Before installing the system, please understand clearly the structure of your car door, make sure the central door locking system can install in your car, and the installation will not affect the original window.
  2. After installing the system, please roll up and down the windows several times, to check there is no scratching
  3. Do not make the system main unit and remote control into the water, get wet or under the sunlight at the high temperature. If the remote controlling distance becomes shorter or the LED light becomes dim, please change the new battery on the remote.
  4. The system main unit is consisting of sophisticated electronic materials, so do not attempt to disassemble it by yourself, please refer to the experience or qualified professional staff.
  5. This product doesn't have alarming function, or the parking light flashing function.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Main control unit
  • 1 x Master
  • 3 x Slave
  • 4 x Metal Brackets
  • 4 x Metal Rods
  • 2 x Remote Control
  • 1 x Set of wiring Harness
  • 1 x Set of other install parts (screws, bracket, adhesive etc.)
  • 1 x Instruction manual