Anti-Spy Signal Bug Detector Hidden Camera Device Finder Surveillance Gadget

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  1.  This is a product which is multi function detectable pin hole camera and other monitor wireless products, with super bright LED light, can find out all monitor camera, pin hole, button and mobile camera etc.
  2. LED infrared physical laser scanning technology. It can also serve as a vibration alarm. Once it feels the vibration, it will sounds a loud alarm.
  1.  Easy and convenient for traveling, carrying and storage in handbags, purses, pockets, and suitcases. The safe sound personal alarm can find pinhole cameras, protect your privacy and keep personal security anytime and anywhere.
  2. Easy Operation – It takes 1-2 hours for the personal alarm to be fully charged with a USB charging cable and can be constantly used for 5-6hours. 3 functions (anti-spys detector / safe sound personal alarm/mini LED flashlight)
  3. Anti-Spys Detector –Invisible cameras such as lighter camera, pinhole camera, watch camera or pen camera can be easily and quickly detected by the infrared of the safe personal alarm, effectively protecting individual privacy when you are in a hotel or any other places.
  4. Safe Sound Personal Alarm – The defense alert can be secured on draws, security windows, doors, and box, making a loud sound to draw people's attention even at very far distances. The invisible camera finder can effectively scare dangerous attackers away and help you ask for help, ensuring personal and property security.
  5. Mini LED Flashlight - The defense alarm can be also used as mini LED lights, featuring sharp lighting effect, long lighting distance and wide lighting range, suitable for nights and terrible environment.
  1. Detection frequency band: 0-6500 (MHz)
  2. Battery Capacity: 350mAh
  3. Working Current: 30mA
  4. Working time: 8-10hours
  5. Charging time: 1-2hours
  6. Applications: Hotel, car, meeting room, home etc.