1.2m Bicycle Password Lock Anti-Theft Scratch-Resistant Lock

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Introducing our Bicycle Five-Digit Combination Lock, a durable and convenient solution to keep your bicycle safe and secure. With a 1.2m length and a robust 12mm thickness, this lock provides ample strength to thwart theft attempts. Available in a variety of vibrant colors—black, pink, blue, green and orange—this lock not only offers security but also adds a touch of style to your ride.
Key Features:
1. High Security: The five-digit combination provides an impressive number of possible combinations, enhancing the security of your bicycle.
2. Long and Thick: With a length of 1.2m and a thickness of 12mm, this lock is designed to resist cutting or tampering, offering reliable protection.
3. Vibrant Colors: Choose from a range of attractive colors to match your personal style and make a statement while keeping your bicycle secure.
4. Easy to Use: Simple instructions make it easy to set and reset the combination, ensuring hassle-free use.
5. Built-in Knob: The built-in knob adds an extra layer of security, and turning it allows you to set a new password effortlessly.
Instructions for Use:
1. Open the lock with the preset password.
2. Turn the built-in knob for setting a new password.
3. Set your desired combination (original password: 00000).
4. Turn the built-in knob back to secure your new password.
- Length: 1.2m
- Thickness: 12mm
- Weight: 330g
- Material: High quality, scratch-resistant PVC
- Colors: Black, Pink, Blue, Green, Orange
Enhance the security and style of your bicycle with our Bicycle Five-Digit Combination Lock. Enjoy the freedom of riding without worrying about the safety of your bike—choose reliability, choose style!