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Beer Bong Snorkel, is a fun way to have a drinking contest ! Compete with your friends to see who can finish first or time how fast you can finish your drink !
Drink & Smoke at the same time !
The snorkel depressurises your drink and acts as an exhaust hole, allowing the liquid to flow out of the bottle quicker.
How to use:
Simply insert the stainless steel rod into your bottle, place your mouth over the plastic and turn upside down to drink
Can be used for beer, wine, premixed spirits, the casual soft drink, ANYTHING!
Has a detachable bottom so you are able to have a wider range head compatibility
Colours: Black, White, Red, Pink, Blue, Green
Size: 27.5cm (pipe that goes into drink)
Material: Food Grade Plastic.
Package Includes:
1 x Beer Snorkel
1 x Cleaning Brush (Large size doesn't go with a brush)