Battery Storage Organizer Holder with Tester - Battery Caddy Rack Case Box

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Free your mind and declutter with a battery organizer that can store all those extra AA and AAA batteries floating around your home. Our battery storage case has the ability to hold 93 packs batteries making it a perfect fit for all of your 45x AA, 25x AAA, 4x 9 volt, 8x C, 6x D and 5 flat batteries.(Battery not included)
Quickly and easily test your batteries to make sure they are still holding a charge. (even rechargeable & lithium) Know which batteries to dispose of and which ones to keep and use with the included Battery Tester. Tester is powered directly by the battery being tested
Perfectly-sized placement without being too tight or snug to hold batteries securely but still easy to pull out and keep your drawer neat and ordered. And you can put it in two ways: Desktop or Wall Mounted
- Keep the batteries in well organization
- Made of high quality polypropylene material, durable and practical
- Suitable for buyers who need to test battery capacity and battery storage
- Easy to operate the tester, it can quickly test the battery without any external power supply.
- Adjustable slide on the tester according to the size of the battery to meet the needs of different batteries.
- Works with AAA, AA, C, D, 9-Volt and Button Cell Batteries for small electronics
- The product contains both measuring instrument and battery storage space to meet the needs of consumers at one time.
- The battery storage space is large and there are many types of batteries that can be placed. A total of 6 typed batteries can be placed, and at least 98 batteries can be placed.

Product Type: Battery Storage Organiser
Material: ABS+ Cover Transparent ABS
Size: Approx. 30.5*5.7*17.8cm
Color: White & Clear(Cover)
Storage battery type:
45x AA batteries
25x AAA batteries
4x 9-volt batteries
8x C-type batteries
6x D-type batteries
5x flat batteries
Package Included:
1 x Battery Storage Organizer (Batteries not included)
1* Digital LCD Battery Tester