6X MENS BAMBOO Fiber WORK SOCKS Odor Soft Cushion Resistant Bulk Natural Healthy

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Material: 80% Rayon from Bamboo,18% Polyester,2% Spandex,. Fabric made from bamboo is extremely soft. Compared with hemp or wool, bamboo faber can help you get rid of allergies.In addition,materials made from bamboo are becoming more and more sought after, especially by green-conscious individuals.
The bamboo fiber has the ability to pull moisture away from the skin, allowing it to evaporate. Therefor bamboo socks can keep your feet dry, thereby helping you avoid fungal infections.
Bamboo fiber can effectively antibacterial and deodorizing,makes your feet breathable and comfortable.
Anti-friction:Strengthen the toe and heel parts of socks so that they will no longer be broken easily.
Tips:Bamboo socks are much softer than normal socks,so they look smaller gengerally,but they are super stretchable.
Material: Bamboo Fibre

Colors: Black

AU Size: For Men 8 to 10.5

6 pairs Socks