Luxury Soft Contour Bamboo Pillow Memory Foam Fabric Fibre Cover Bed

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This 50x30cm bamboo fabric pillow features high density memory foam contouring to the shape of your head and providing great support for the neck and shoulders. The fabric is ecofriendly and allergy proof, it is also a high breathability material, can offering you a comfortable sleeping surface. It can improve your sleep with this revolutionary memory foam pillow



Natural & Breathable

Allergy proof


Embroidery pattern

Naturally resistant to dust mite & mold

Fit to the shape of your head/neck

Cooler sleeping experience

Removable zipper cover for wash

Size: 50* 30* 10* 7 cm



Machine wash below 40°C

Do not bleach, iron and dry-clean

Tumble dry, low heat


Package Include:

1x Bamboo Pillow 50x30cm