Extra Large Anti-Slip Waterproof Car Baby Seat Protector Cover Cushion Safety

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This is the car seat protector mat that will protect your car's upholstery for years to come. The unique design is perfect for use with infant seats, convertible or booster seats. For use with infant seats, the back folds to the perfect height, so you don't need to worry about the mat falling over on baby. In addition, the material of this Car Seat Protector has a non slip quality to it, which prevents the car seat from shifting around whilst the car is mobile.
- car seat mat for all car seats
- Wipe clean and waterproof to prevent stains on car upholstery
- Foam pads contour to car seat
- Non slip material on top and bottom, and a stabilizing wedge, secures the Duo Mat in place
- Handy pockets to store essentials
- Fold down back for rear facing infant seats
- Easy to install
- Suitable for baby and infant seats
- Simple place the car seat protector between the car seat and the baby/infant seat for protection
- Pockets for storage of drinks, food etc
- Anti-slip backing to prevent movement
- Fold the panel for rear facing seats
- Unfold the panel for forward facing seats
  • 100% brand new.
  • Colour: Black with red stitching
  • Item Size: As show on the picture.
Package included:
  • 1 x Car Baby Seat Protector