Silicone Bristle Toilet Brush Long-Handled Wall-Mounted Holder Bathroom Cleaning

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  • 1.【Automatic opening and closing design】:The new lever principle, take out the automatic opening lid, put it in the automatic closing lid,more convenient than other toilet brushes and toilet bowl scrubber.
  • 2.【WALL-MOUNTED & SUSPENDED BASE】: Our toilet brush base is wall-mounted and designed as breathable. Quick-drying and easy to clean. Simple storage and space saving.
  • 3.【DURABLE】: This new toilet brush is durable and easy to clean after use. No broken bristles, no hair and other dirty stuff entangled.It's a premium toilet brush.
  • 4.【EASIER TO CLEAN DEAD CORNER】: This toilet brush is not only sturdy but also with better toughness. The bendable brush head is able to clean all the areas inside the toilet especially the grooves.
  • 5.【TOILET BOWL PROTECTION】: With silicone bristles, this toilet brush protects the toilet bowl from being scratched during cleaning even with great force, instead of the ordinary plastic ones.

Material: Plastic&Silicone
Colour: white
Size: 42x8x5cm
1x Toilet Brush with holder
1x Wall Mounted Hook