Large Car Cover Lightweight Waterproof Dust Large Sun Universal Weather

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For indoor or outdoor use, this car cover meets your standard vehicle protection needs.

This Car Cover is Waterproof and also keeps dust and dirt out while still allowing trapped heat and condensation to escape.

Made from heavy duty material, it provides durability and protection against rains, drops, dirt, sun protection

L- 5.4M x 1.75M x 1.2M



  • Waterproof
  • Tear-proof, lightweight & durable design
  • Made breathable to allow trapped heat and moisture to escape from beneath it
  • Elasticized bottom tight around the base of your vehicle
  • Breathable fabric allows good air circulation under the cover, prevents moisture & reduces heat build up.
  • UV resistant fabric protects your vehicle paint from UV rays damage & pollutants.
  • Protection against rains, snow, dirt, dust, bird drops and heat/cold.

Car Size

  • It is recommend to measure your vehicle's front-to-back length to ensure the right size is purchased.
  • Sizes:  L- 5.4M x 1.75M x 1.2M

Package Contains

  • 1x Car Cover