Galaxy Projector Star Ceiling Night Light Projector with Bluetooth Speaker and Remote Control

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Simulations of Milky Galaxy - Inspired by barred spiral galaxy in milky way, breathtaking vistas of the spiral in different forms with the clouds moving and a sky full of stars Immersed in Alternate Universe - This Starry Light Projector shines a universe of moving stars against a rotating colored nebula cloud, it can be static or moving, fast or slow, bright or dark to create an otherworldly visual experience Coloring Your Galaxy - You are more free to color your galaxy in single color or mixed color like a painter with the palettes on mobile APP, creating incredible ambience to your room Easy to Control - The starlight projector can be controlled by mobile App or remote. You can easily change the mode to customize your needs at night through mobile app when laying on the bed or slump on the couch Ideal for Your Home - Turn your room into a beautiful milky way providing a view of the night sky. Enjoy having dinner under the stars or a long soak in a hot tub, creating a soothing relaxing atmosphere to achieve a sense for physical and mental relaxing