Automatic Fish Food Feeder Digital LCD Timer Aquarium Tank Pond Auto Feeder

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    • ✅Automatic Fish feeder:This timed fish feeder can feed fish automatically by simply setting. Never need worry the feeding problems when vacation or on business. You can set up the fish food amount, feed times, when to feed the fish, manual or automatic.
    • ✅Up to 4 times Per Day: Adjust the slider to setup the food amount. Up to 4 feeding times per day & 1-2 rotation per time. Switch to the manual mode if you want. Follow the manual to set modes easily. Flexible and convenient.
    • ✅Food style choose:This item can be only used for the dry food. Very Suitable for pellets, granular, strip and flake fish feeder. Please put this item above the tank higher to avoid the food getting damp. Then fix the tank lid well and only leave a hole. Put some aquatic weed to the hole and let the food drops to this hole, the fish will come to eat the food.
    • ✅Easy to install: Two ways to install the feeder to the tank. 1.Clip on the tank wall by rotating the screw. 2.Affix the feeder with double-side sticker (included) on the fish tank cover. Choose proper way per your needs.
    • ✅Battery operated: Powered by 2 AAA batteries(not included). The "Lo" displayed on the LCD indicates the power is low, please ensure the power when you go out.


  • Model: AF-2009D
  • Housing: Plastic
  • Powered by: 2x AA batteries (not included)
  • Attachment Method: retaining clips or Velcro fixed
  • Unit dimensions: 11 x 10 x 7cm
  • LCD screen dimensions: 2.6 x 1.3cm
  • Feed box diameter (L x H): 6 x 3.5cm
  • Weight: 244g
  • Colour: Black

According to the form of the tank, there are two install methods for choice:
a. Fix the feeder to the tank wall and tighten the screws.
b. Separate both sides of velcro, then paste the velcro on the bottom of feeder and another side on the tank cover, then fish food will drop down during rotation.

Clock Setting:
1.For the first time use, please align the feeder’s time and the local time first; 2.Press the "SET" button and the "HOUR" will flash; then press "ADJUST" to set the "HOUR";
3.To set the "MINUTES", press "MODE" the "MINUTES" will flash and then press the "ADJUST" to set the "MINUTES";
4.Once the correct time is displayed, press "SET" to save the settings.

a.Please avoid twisting the feeding box by hand;
b.For the first time use, please align the feeder’s time and the local time first;
c.If LCD is displayed abnormally after batteries completed, please notice that whether the batteries are placed correctly, then pay attention to the power of batteries;
d.If you can not find the battery compartment, just remove the holder from feeder and you will easily find it.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Automatic fish feeder
  • 1 x User manual
  • 2 x Velcro strip set