4 Pack 30x30cm Aussie Clean Multi-purpose Microfibre ClothsCar Dish Glass Towel

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This 4 pack of assorted coloured microfibre cloths; our super absorbent cloths can be used wet or dry, ideal for cleaning and shining domestic surfaces without smearing. Useful on kitchen and bathroom, multi purpose, furniture and wood and glass and mirrors. Can be used safely on any surface for safe and effective cleaning without the need for chemicals. Each large cloth measures 30 x 30cm.


  • Large 30x30cm Cloths
  • Multipurpose - Perfect for cleaning almost all surfaces, whether it be your computer screen, mirrors, windows, kitchen or bathroom appliances or even furniture these cloths are the perfect option for you! 
  • Technologically superior - Microfibre technology means that unlike most regular cloths these will pick up even the smallest particles of dirt as the large amount of tiny fibres packed into this small space attract the dirt.
  • Keep organised - This pack is also colour coded with 4 different vibrant colours so that you can keep track of which you use for different cleaning purposes.
  • Completely reusable and machine washable.


  • Cloth Size
    30cm x 30cm
    Package Size
    20xm x 17cm x 3 cm
    Package Weight 120g
    Cleaning Machine Washable

Preparation and Usage

  • May be used with or without household chemicals. For dusting, use cloth dry, lightly wiping the surface to be dusted. For cleaning, lightly dampen the cloth with water and wipe the surface to be cleaned. Machine wash often to remove trapped dirt, dust and grease. Simply rinsing cloth in water, or shaking cloth, will not remove dirt completely. Washer safe. Avoid chlorine bleach. Launder cloths separately or with non-linting articles to maintain cloths advanced dirt eating properties. Can be washed and re-used.


  • Wash dark colours separately. Cloths are not colourfast. Wash separately in mild detergent before first use and rinse thoroughly. Repeat as necessary after use to retain performance.


  • 4x Handy Microfibre Cloths