94PCS Tyre Puncture Repair Recovery Kit Heavy Duty 4WD Offroad Plugs Tubeless

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  • 【Professional and Labor-Saving Design】TECCPO tire repair kit is strictly complied with the top production standards and the scientific design concept to enable you to save time, worry, and effort. And this kit contains the elaborate 94 pieces tools which can totally meet all your needs on tire repairing work.
  • 【Superior Quality's Materials】Better than any other brand, our T-handle is made of the solidest A3 steel material which is stronger than others and not easy to break. The Tire Repair Strip is used the best rubber which is durable and not easy to age and harden. And this kit also equips the Tire Pressure Gauges with the Black Rubber Valve Stem which can measure and maintain the air pressure level of the tire after tire repairing work to ensure the safety of driving.
  • 【Adaptable to More Tires and Bigger Punctures】This kit has extensive applicability design, which can repair more types of tires for up to 3CM punctures, like glass, piton, rock punctures of auto, motorcycles, tractors, lawnmowers, dirt bikes, trailers, jeeps, or trucks, etc.
  • 【Detailed Instruction for Faster Repair】A detailed procedure instruction is included to ensure anyone can repair their flat tire in the right and quick way. The spiral probe and insert tools which are made of high-strength steel, can let you easily pierce the repair plugs and quickly finished the repair work.
Package include:
  • 2x I-type hex tool
  • 1x 4-way valve steam tool
  • 1x T-handle spiral probe tool
  • 1x T-handle insert tool
  • 1x Lubricant
  • 1x Tire pressure gauge
  • 2x Relacement
  • 1x Pliers
  • 1x Utility knife
  • 6x black tire valve
  • 6x standard valve cores
  • 6x copper hex nut
  • 6x black plastic valve caps
  • 6x black plastic extension valve
  • 50x self-vulcanization repair plugs
  • 1x carry box