12V 6 Gang Switch Panel LED Light Rocker Circuit Breaker For Car RV Boat Marine

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6 Gang Rocker Switch Panel with Digital Voltmeter+12V power Socket +Double USB Power Charger Adapter Waterproof Blue LED Backlight for Car Trailer Marine Boat
• 6 Blue LED illuminated aluminium On OFF Rockers Switch Seals for outdoor and marine task, Short circuit / Overheat protection.
• Digital Voltmeter+12V Cigarette Socket & 3.1A Dual USB Power Charger fullfill all kinds of charging needs; 6 Gang Rocker Switch : LED LIGHT BAR, SPOT LIGHTS, SIDE LIGHTS, ROOF LIGHTS, ZOMBIE LIGHTS, DRIVING LIGHTS.
• Suitable for 12V/24V Systems, Totally Environment Friendly. Rocker Switches Pillar for jeep marine boat off-road rv utv truck.
• Product Dimensions: 18cm x 11cm x 7.5cm (7.08in x 4.33in x 2.95in), Portiforium Dimension: 15cm x 8.5cm ( 5.9in x 3.35in).
• Panel is pre-wired, Includes 4x Stainless Steel Screw.
• Easy to install and durable.With our strict quality control system, we test each item and 100% ensure in good condition before we ship.
Package: 6 Gang ROCKER SWITCH PANEL (Includes 4x Stainless Steel Screw)
• ABS Aluminium Metal
• Great to customize the control panel for vehicle
•Max Output Power: 240W
•Overload protection: 12V 20A DC; 24V 10A DC
•Operating Temperature: -25 degree to 80 degree
•Electrical Life:10000 make and break cycles at full load
Description on Rocker Switch:
• CE Certified
• Made of environmentally friendly anti-retardant materials
• Unlike some knock off rocker switch which marked 15 Amp but support less than 12Amp, our switches are capable of handling real 20Amp current on 12 Volt
• Output circuit protection, overload protection & reverse polarity protection
• Waterproof casing will protect the switch from rain or coffee spill
• Submerged in water operation is not recommended
Description on Voltmeter:
• Measuring DC voltage, with anti-reverse, short circuit protection
• Used to monitor the battery voltage and battery voltage state
• Real-time detection of battery voltage, using a battery used under normal operating voltage
Description on Dual USB Power Charger:
• USB socket Input: 12V
• USB socket Output: 5V 1A/5V 2.1A
• Independant amp per port / Will not decrease amp when two ports are being used
• LED light indicator built in
• Waterproof casing will protect the charger from rain or coffee spill
Wiring Connection:
• The Blue wire: connect the cathode of the storage battery.
• The Yellow wire: connect the anode of the storage battery.
• Sheet Copper:connect the load generator.
•The Red wire: connect the cathode of the storage battery.
•The Black wire: connect the anode of the storage battery.