150X 150mm 6" Sanding Discs Pads 60 - 240 Grit Mixed Orbital Sander Sandpaper

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Features & Benefits
Fast Cut Rate
Consistent Fin️ish
Extended Lifespan
Superior Grain Support, Clean Sanding
Quick and Eacy Disc Change, Sticky Quaranteed
Abrasive: Aluminum Oxide
Backing Material: Heavy Duty D-Weight Paper
Bonding: Resin Over Resin
Attachment: Long Silk Flannelette Hook and Loop
Diameter: 6 in. Standard 150 mm
Number of Holes: 6
Machines: 150mm
Grit: 60 80 100 120 240 Grit
Quantity: 150 Pack (Each grit 30pcs)
150Pcs 150mm 6" Sanding Discs Pads