10W 5W Solar Panel Kit 12V Trickle Car Battery Charger Waterproof Boat

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Every Car Needs A Starter Battery Maintainer(solar power) !
The 5W trickle solar charger is specially designed for the engine batteries of various vehicles to maintain the healthy power state of the battery and make up for the power loss caused by the battery self-discharge.
Eco-worthy is committed to recharging those engine batteries that have not been used for a long time to avoid running out of battery power due to long periods of non-startup.
Why do I need a solar trickle charger?
*Batteries Naturally Discharge - Automotive batteries naturally discharge when not in use.
*Vehicles have a small but constant battery drain - Modern vehicles have upwards of 30 body control modules (computers), alarm systems, immobilizers and lock monitoring. These units all consume electricity from the battery. That's why in a week or two with no or little vehicle use the battery can become discharged.
*Battery life is shortened if it is not kept charged - A 12V battery that is not correctly maintained above 12.4V can suffer from sulphation. Sulphation is the main cause of battery failure. That's why the auto battery easy goes to dead when vehicles are left standing for long periods.
  • Max Power:5W/10W
  • Open Circuit Voltage (Voc):22.41V
  • Short Circuit Current (Isc):0.3A/0.6A
  • Maximum Power Current (Imp):0.28A/0.56A
Something you need to know before using:
1. In some brands of cars, the cigarette lighter socket may not operate when the ignition switch is turned off. If so, you can connect the battery directly through the alligator clip.
2. When starting the vehicle, first unplug the cigarette lighter from the socket, make sure that the cab is not used, and the car starts.The surge generated by the machine may damage the solar panel.
3. Built-in anti-reverse diode, will not cause reverse charging phenomenon.
  • 1x 5/10W solar tricker charger(58in extension cable SAE plug)
  • 1x 30A alligator clips(19.68in long with SAE plug)
  • 1x DC Car Adapter Charger(19.68in long with SAE plug)
  • 4x PVC Suckers