Stainless Steel 5 Gear Adjustable Shower Head with 1.5m Hose

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The high pressure shower head with 1.5m hose: 4 mode shower head + durable 304 stainless steel + insulated handle + high pressure: bubble mode, rain and massage mode, jet mode, massage mode, enjoy your shower; Designed with the micro porous panel, making the outlets smaller and denser, our shower head effortlessly increases water flow pressure, providing you with enough water and comfortable spray performance even at low pressure.

Durable Showerhead: The handheld showerhead is made of durable 304 stainless steel with a fine brushed finish that resists rust and corrosion unlike many ABS plastic showerheads , it is made of durable stainless steel and will not crack. Because the stainless steel shower head has good thermal conductivity, we have thickened the handle part, and the shower head will not affect the use of hands in a certain water temperature.

Shower head with 4 modes: bubble mode, rain and massage mode, jet mode, massage mode - the choice is yours. Dense small holes make the generated water mist thicker, while giving you a SPA-like shower experience. You can replace them via the switch on the button;

Easy to clean: the hand showers are equipped with self-cleaning silicone nozzles, just wipe them with a towel or sponge

Easy Installation: This shower hose comes with two washers provided, the long round head connects to the shower, the short square head connects to the water valve. Extra long! The length of our stainless steel shower hose is 1.5 meters. 4 spray settings are possible for this one-hand pressure shower head, gently showering, massaging, bathing children or pets, cleaning bathrooms, etc