5x Black Fabric Plant Pot Breathable with Handles 5 Gallon

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  • Premium Quality Material - Made of high quality and durable non-woven fabric, which is fluffy and has a good hand feeling, These grow bags are washable for reuse.
  • Let Your Plants Grow Healthier - These grow bags provide excellent aeration and good air permeability, can offer enough space for roots to breath and effectively avoid root swirling, promote a healthy root ball.
  • Excellent Drainage - The woven design provide good drainage and allow your roots to breath which results in both faster growth and greater plant vigor. P.S. In the hot summer sun, the plants need watering every day.
  • Easy to Transport - No worries moving them around. The handles are double thick and double stitched to the bag. Durable grow bags with sturdy handle straps allows easily and safely moving.
Material: Non-woven fabric 
Colour: Black
Size: 5 Gallon
  • 5 Gal Fabric Pot: (25cm H x 32cm Dia)
5x Fabric Plant Pot