4pcs LED Indicator Flasher Relay Load Resistor Bulbs Ballast 50W 12V

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  • Brand New,High Quality
  • 4X LED Load Resistor(+8x T-Taps)
  • Package:4pcs
  • Voltage:DC 12V
  • Power:50W
  • Resistance:6Ω/ohm.
  • Dimension:approx 5cm x 1.5cm x 1.5cm
  • Cable length:approx 15cm
  • Placement on Vehicle:Inside
  • Slow down your LED indicator flash rate with this resistor and for no blinking of turn signal
  • 1 resistor is required for each replacement indicator
  • 12V 50W 6Ω LED Load Resistor
  • These 6 Ohm, 50 Watt resistors can be connected across the turn signal bulbs to simulate the load of a regular filament bulb.
  • Installation is easy. Just connect the wires with the Splice taps provided and no wire cutting is necessary
    Universal fit, , This product will fit any cars, SUVs, 4wd or trucks.
  • 4 x Load Resistor
  • 8 x T-Taps