50cm x1.51M 4D Gloss Black Carbon Fibre Fiber Vinyl Car Wrap Air Release Film

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  • Textured with a carbon fiber design;4 dimensional look and feel
  • Self-adhesive;Air pocket release backing design so there are no bubbles; Will not harm your paint or natural finish; Can be applied and reapplied for desired look; Water proof and stain resistant;
  • UV protected; Can be shaped and molded over complex curves; Can also be used with a heat gun or household blow drier for shaping; Very flexible and stretchable;
  • Super thin to fit in the most tight spots or corners; Can be used for other projects other than automotive;
  • Super easy to use; Cheaper than a paint job
Colour: Black.
Size:-Approximately151 x 50 cm (L x W).
Self-adhesive, easy application.-Waterproof, easy to clean.
Can be cut for the shape you need.
Will not damage painted surfaces.-Doesn't leave behind any residue of adhesive when you remove it.
Can be applied on your car, motorbike, mobile phone, laptop, furniture, windows, etc.

Package :

1 x 4D Carbon Fiber Sticker