3 In 1 High Pressure Showerhead Handheld Massage Shower Head

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1. Rainfall: Mode to adjust the water flow like rain drops. Spray a soft touch stronger than ever.
2. Jetting: Jetting mode to clear forest in the middle.
3. Massage: Mode for those who want to relax in a private home spa. And soothe tired from work.

- Good-looking, simple outline, elegant lines, the atmosphere, fashion;
- Easy to use, group-hole design, strong hydrodynamic massage, relaxed SPA;
- Good water-saving, 300% turbocharger technology, 40% water-saving.

Turbocharged Pressure:
- Advance Turbocharged technology increases water speed pressure up to 300% beyond typical faucet pressure.
- Eliminate the fatigue of a day's work with laser pinhole water or soft and delicate, enjoy your showering experience

 Water Saving:
- Using current-limiting technology our shower head saves up to 40% water usage.
- Save more water while showering under normal water pressure, through the pinhole and throttling technology
- This Is The Perfect Shower Head If You Want To Replace Your Old Shower Head
- Anti Lime scale shower head
- Easy to set up

 Compatible with the following systems:
- Electric Showers
- Pumped Electric Shower
- Bath & Wall Mixer Showers
- Power Showers
- Combi Unvented Systems


Package Included:

1Pc High Pressure Showerhead