Reusable Ice Cube Freezable Water Bottle Cooling Rods Refreezable BPA Free

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  • ENJOY THE FULL FLAVOR OF YOUR DRINKS: Chills all types of drinks without diluting them. These food safe, non-melting plastic ice cubes won’t water down and ruin the taste of your drink.
  • NO MESS: No need to go through the messy, wet process of making ice cubes like the old-fashioned way! Use the re-freezable ones over and over again. Just wash, dry, refreeze and store in the handy container.
  • CONVENIENT STORAGE CONTAINER: Keep your Ice Cubes odorless and tasteless with your super convenient, hermetic and durable storage container. At Efiwasi Products we create everyday essentials for you and your family that make life easier and your home healthier.
  • FAST FREEZING FOR EASY CHILLING: The meltless cubes freeze faster than regular ice. When they stop being cold replace with fresh, frozen ones. With 30 cubes per set, you’ll never run out!
  • BRIGHTEN UP YOUR DRINKS: Mix and match the colorful re-usable cubes with your favorite drinks. Use them in cold brew coffees, cocktails, water, sodas, wine, and even cool bags.
Package Included:
56Pcs BPA FREE Reusable & Freezable Ice Cube