12V 100W 160PSI Pressure Water Pump 8L/Min Self-Priming Caravan Camping Boat

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  • High quality DC micro diaphragm pump, widely used in general industry equipment, medical equipment, chemical equipment, farming (lawn and garden), tour vehicles, special vehicle, ship, beverage, vehicle cleaning, carpet cleaning, ground cleaning, water purification and water treatment equipment.
  • Self priming, silent running, low power consumption. Easy connecting system
  • Rubber bracket can absorb vibration from the pump when working.
  • Runs dry without system, totally sealed, high stable pressure
  • Agricultural purposes: spray for farm chemical, pesticide.
  • Corrosion resistant

Important note:

This is a product with a pressure switch. It will be automatically cut off the power supply and the motor stops running when the water outlet is turned off. Once the water outlet is turned on, the motor starts running again. This type of product can be applied to occasions, which have demand for energy conservation and frequent switching, such as machine washing, feeding water to a solar energy system, and remote automatic controlling system of conveying water and suspending water supply, etc.


  • Material: ABS shell
  • Main Color: Black
  • Temperature: 0-70 degree Celsius 
  • Corrosion resistant: 12V DC 
  • Power: 100W 
  • Max Pressure: ~160PSI (1.1MPA) 
  • Flow rate: 8L/min
  • Suitable Inlet/Outlet Hose Size: 12mm outer diameter, 8mm inner diameter.
  • Size: 171 x 9.3 x 7cm (approx.)
  • Package Weight: approx. 1.18kg


  • 1 x Self Priming Water Pump
    Note: Pump should be used in dry condition, cannot submerge into water.