Double Hot Plate Electric Cooker Portable Table Top Hob 2000W

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Introducing our double electric hot plate to enhance your cooking experience! Discover the exceptional features that make this stove a must-have for your kitchen:
The function of this stove perfectly matches your cooking needs. Whether you're sautéing, simmering, boiling, or frying, this stove offers versatile cooking options to meet all your culinary requirements.
With its small, flat, and lightweight design, our stove is exceptionally suitable for houses and apartments with limited kitchen space. It can be easily moved and stored, making it a convenient cooking solution for small living spaces.
Take control of your cooking with the adjustable temperature feature. Set your desired cooking temperature effortlessly and enjoy precise heat control for achieving the perfect results every time.
We understand the importance of hassle-free maintenance. Cleaning our stove is a breeze! Simply wipe any non-electrical parts with a wet sponge or kitchen wipes, and then use a soft cloth to dry. Say goodbye to complicated cleaning routines.
Our stove is built to last. It is equipped with non-slip rubber feet, ensuring stability and preventing accidents in the kitchen. The durable and fire-resistant metal shell provides an extra layer of safety and durability, making this stove a reliable companion for your cooking adventures.
nvest in our feature-packed stove today and elevate your cooking experience to new heights. Enjoy convenience, portability, precise temperature control, easy maintenance, and long-lasting durability with our remarkable stove. Cook with confidence and make every meal a culinary masterpiece!
Colour: Black
Power: 2000W
Fuel Type: Electric
Number of Hobs: 2
Type: Cooking Ranges
Material: Iron steel
Hotplate Surface: Solid Hotplate
1. Do not leave it unattended when in use.
2. When heating, do not touch the surface of the heating plate.
3. Do not immerse the electric stove in water or other liquids.
4. The electric stove is used to heat and cook food. When cooking food, the utensils must be on the heating plate.
5. When the electric stove is not in use, be sure to turn the switch to the "0"/"off" position and unplug it.
6. When using, no other debris should be placed within 30 cm around the electric stove to prevent ventilation from being blocked and causing danger.
When using the electric stove for the first time, you need to turn on the 3rd gear for dry burning for 3-5 minutes. At this time, there may be a small amount of smoke and odor emitted because the protective layer on the stove surface evaporates when exposed to high temperatures.
This is a normal phenomenon and will not occur after the first use.