USB LED Grow Light Dimming Indoor Plant Flower Veg Hydroponic UV Growing Lamp

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  • Material: PC + Aluminum
  • Packaging size: 18*13*9.9 cm
  • Weight: About 286.8g/428.6g
  • Power: 15W/30W
  • Input Voltage: USB-5V
  • Number of LED beads per head: 54 red + 24 blue
  • Luminous flux: 1250 (lm)
  • Color rendering index: 80
  • Role: Promoting plant photosynthesis
  • Use USB power supply mode.
  • There are 1, 2 lamp holders, and the lamp holder can be switched on mode, as well as timing function.
  • There are 54 red beads and 24 beads on every heads, you can use the controller to decide whether to turn on red light, blue light or purple light.
  • It can rotate 360 degrees to meet your need for plant growth light.
  • Efficient waterproof, you can water it directly.
  • Multi-stage dimming, effectively control of illumination brightness.
  • The use of plant growth lamps can effectively improve the growth of plants and increase the yield of crops.
  • Especially suitable for potted enthusiasts.
Package :
  • 1 x LED Grow Light