3Pcs Rectangle Plant Seedling Plastic Propagation Seeding Tray Garden Black

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This item is designed as seed nursery tray for sprouting, mung bean, peanut,wheat, etc. Seedling tray is easy and convenient for your daily use. Works well to keep a comfortable environment for seedlings and clones,great for getting your and plants underway early.

- Color:Black.

- Material:Plastic

- Size:35cm x 24cm

- Ideal for various uses in and around the home and garden.
- Suitable for a cost-effective and affordable solutions for germination or storage.
- Suitable sprouting wheatgrass seed, vanilla, radish, Chinese cabbage,etc.
- Made from good material,can use for a longer time.
- Perfect for propagation of plants and hydroponic applications with its hole-free design.


Package Included:

3Pcs Plant Seedling Tray