10PCS Handy Hardware Microfibre Cleaning Cloth Automotive Home 30cm x 30cm

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This pack of 10 microfibre automotive cleaning cloth is ideal for cleaning and detailing your car. It is perfect for your cars interior such as the dashboard, car seats, and can also be used on its exterior such as‚ your cars windows and‚ body. Not only is this product soft to touch and scratch resistant, it can be used both wet and dry!

Handy Hardware®‚ offers the complete category solutions with over 500 products ranging from hand tools, electrical, adhesives and tapes, security, tarpaulins, tie-downs and straps with lots more to choose from.‚

  • Lint and streak free
  • Cleans and shines interior‚ and exterior of your car
  • Can be used wet or dry
  • 10 pack in different colours
  • Suitable for cars and inside your home
  • No damage to any surfaces, it won't scratch‚ ‚
  • Ideal for cleaning and dusting
  • Strong and durable