Pet Basic® Heavy Duty Dog Collar Security Print 70cm x 3.8cm Large Dog

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Our Heavy Duty collars are‚ the real deal and great for everyday use, safety and peace of mind. These quality collars are a must for big strong breeds that require a‚ long-lasting‚ and‚ secure‚ dog collar. SupaTuff is no gimmick, our collars are recommended by professional dog trainers and protection specialists around the world to hold even the strongest of dogs!
  • Stainless Steel fittings‚
  • Double-ply wideband for broad support and strength
  • Double pronged buckles for extra strength and safety
  • Ultra-strong D-Ring for maximum resistance
  • Golden stitch embroidery panel
  • Fits neck size‚ 49cm - 62cm Circumference.
  • Weather-resistant - rot and mildew resistant
  • Suited for breeds from Bulldogs, English Staffies, to Bullmastiffs and Great Danes!
  • 3.8cm wide
  • 1x Dog Collar