3x Reusable Folding Supermarket Shopping Grocery Bags

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Be ready, with these environmentally friendly, reusable grocery shopping bags
Available in 3 colours , in pack sizes to suit your household
-High quality non-woven polypropylene construction
-Reinforced sewn handles go to the bottom of the bag, making the bag stronger
-Durable, reusable and washable
-Friendly to the environment
-Large square bottomed main compartment, allowing the bag to stand on it's own
-Holds more than a typical plastic shopping bag
-The folding design makes storing multiple bags simple, fold and fit into the one bag
-Great value
-Machine washable
-Sturdy and resistant to rips

Size: 46cm (W) x 36cm (H) x 15cm (D)
Volume: 20 Litres
Colour: Green, Dark grey, Light grey
Material: 80gsm Non-woven polypropylene

Package Inlcuded:
3x Reuasble shopping bag 46x36x15cm