95g Sprinkles Slime Super Soft Stretchy Fun Non-Sticky Shape Squeeze 4PK Party

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You can never have too much fun with these tubs of Sprinkles Slime. Super soft, stretchy and filled with sprinkles children will enjoy swirling, popping, squeezing and stretching this slime. With its non-stick formula these are perfect for use at home, Pre-school and Daycare settings for fun and educational purposes, or pop them in birthday party bags. Slime is an enjoyable and exciting way of entertaining and providing fun.

Product Features:

  • Colours Pink/Green/Blue/Orange 
  • Super Soft and Stretchy
  • Swirl, Pop, Squeeze and Stretch
  • Endless Fun, Educational Learning
  • Non-Stick Formula
  • Enjoyable and Aesthetically Delightful
  • Indoor and Outdoor Play
  • Perfect for Home, Pre-school, Daycare etc
  • Great for Birthday Party Bags
  • Recommended for 6+ years
Package Includes :
  • 5 x 95g Tubs of Sprinkles Slime (random color will be given)