20pcs Bulk Clear Hot Melt Glue Sticks Adhesive Craft Stick Glue Gun DIY Tool 7mm 11mm

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Our hot melt glue sticks have four size for different needs, 7mm*200mm and 11mm*200mm,
 you can choose whatever you want. The 7mm diameter size is more suitable for the glue gun under 10W,
 and the 11mm diameter size is more suitable for the glue gun above 40W, you can reference to the power of your glue gun.
1. The toy model 
2. Artificial flowers, Christmas tree 
3. Decorations, the metal product 
4. The wood product, card paper 
5. Electronics circuit plank etc.
6. Other crafts, package, cotton material, plastic, and so on.
1. Brand new and high quality.
2. Easy repairing, fixing, installation, sealing and jointing work.
3. Eco-friendly material, non-toxic smell, do no harm to our body.
4. Made from safe and reliable materials.
Size: 7mm (diameter)*200mm (L), 11mm (diameter)*200mm (L)
Quantity: 20qty