3/6/12 Pairs No Show Socks Men Black Grey White With Silicone Heel Grip

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These Men's Cotton No Show Socks provide comfort as well as hidden warmth. Super comfortable and stretchy, these are the perfect invisible sock to wear in many shoe types. 

Product Features:

  • Colours: Black, Grey & White (random color will be given based on availability)
  • Size 5-8
  • 75% Cotton   15% Spandex
  • Silicone Heel Grip, Socks Won't Slip Down
  • Thick Heel, Backing Won't Dig In
  • Thin, Breathble and Warm
  • Stretchy Material
  • Perfect Invisible Sock
  • Provides Hidden Warmth and Comfort
  • Wear With Many Shoe Types
Package :
  • 3/6/12 Pairs x Men's No Show Socks