Home Master® 30CM Lazy Susan Rotating Swivel TurnTable SpaceSaver Storage Dining

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Home Master® dual-purpose Lazy Susan turntable is an item to have in every kitchen. Used for its revolving/rotating tray it can be placed anywhere within your home such as; the pantry for your many spices, cupboards and table tops. Not only is it great to place your salt and pepper shakers and sauces on, it is great for keeping your cupboards organised. Perfect for everyday use this Lazy Susan is simple to clean and‚ has a non-slip surface to help avoid objects from slipping. Measuring at 30cm in diameter the Lazy Susan is a versatile turntable.

Product Features:

  • Space saving
  • Helps keep cupboards, pantries, fridges and tabletops organised
  • Revolving tray
  • Non-slip, easy to clean surface
  • Perfect for everyday use
  • Size: 30cm diameter
  • Inner diameter: (Grey Area)‚ 275mm wide (27.5cm)