Home Master 6 Scents Pot Pourri Assorted Lasting Fragrances Refreshing Aroma 70g

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Home Master® These devinely scented Pot Pourri instantly refreshes any environment. Made from beautiful dried flowers, foliage and spices place them in bowls, or various decor pieces to add a pop of colour and aroma in any room, wardrobes, drawers and linen cupboards.

Product Features:

  • 70g (per bag)
  • Alluring Scents of Lavender, Rose, Strawberry, Vanilla, Cottage Garden and Rainforest
  • Gorgeously Coloured Pot Pourri
  • Made From Beautiful Dried Flowers, Foliage and Spices
  • Instantly Refreshes Any Room
  • Ideal for Around the Home, Caravan, Holiday Home
  • Use for Shelving, Drawers, Cupboards, Bathroom, Bedroom, Guest Room, Wardrobes
Package Includes :
  • 6 Assorted Scented Pot Pourri