Daily Weekly 1st Care 7 Day Pill Wallet Box Organizer & Tablet Storage Dispenser

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1st Care® Deluxe 7 Day Pill Wallet Box Organiser Weekly & Tablet Storage Dispenser.

Never forget your meds or supplements again, comes with owner information card. 7 easy to read boxes for every day of the week, includes sections for morning, noon, evening and night. Built-in storage pocket Faux leather case.

Benefits include:

  • Faux leather case.
  • It includes 28 compartments and lets you store medicines in bulk.
  • Time-of-day compartments make pill management simple & precise.
  • The pill organizer has a contoured design for easy pill removal
  • Our pill organizer can be used as a 7-day medication planner. This weekly pill reminder comes with snap-shut lids that indicate the day of the week with letter.