13IN1 A Food Slicer Dicer Nicer Container Chopper Peeler Vegetable Fruit Cutter

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  •  100% Brand New
  •  Top Quality
  •  You have everything in one handy set! Simple and space-saving as it gets
  •  Shorten your cooking time from start of preparation to the serving of the meal tremendously
  •  Cut in to cubes, sticks, strips, quarters or eighths and wedges
  •  Long-lasting Super-sharp stainless steel precision cutting blades
  •  5 different inserts with 11 different ways to cut
  •  Cut into cubes or sticks in 3 different sizes
  •  Slices in 2 different thicknesses
  •  Mandolin slicer with a safety food holder

Package includes

  • 1x Cutting-top with integrated pin grid /span
  • 1x Cutting-base
  • 1x transparent container (capacity 1,500 ml)
  • 1x Cover for holding fresh collection container
  • 1x blade assembly (6 mm x 6 mm or 12mm x 12 mm)
  • 1x blade assembly (6 mm x 36 mm or 18mm x 18 mm)
  • 1x Knife used for quarters or eighths
  • 1x Plug-cutting punch for eighths
  • 1x Part-cover for all blade inserts
  • 1x Professional peeler
  • 1x Grater
  • 1x Grater protective/safety cover
  • 1x Mandolin Slicer