12 Way Blade Fuse Auto Block Box Holder Indicator 12V ATC ATO Circuit Car Boat

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  • For Automotive Car Boat Suitable for all marine, motor-home, automotive & motorsport applications
  • Indicator LED design, corresponding to each fuse connected to the appliance, when the fuse is disconnected, the red light will be on, you can immediately know which fuse is broken, convenient and timely processing.
  • Adopts PBT anti-flame-resistance, high-low temperature and environmental protection materials, have good mechanical strength, insulation, heat resistance and flame retardancy, and should not be broken during use. Conditions of deformation, combustion, short circuit, etc.
  • "All busbars and fuse clips are nickel-plated copper for corrosion resistance and optimum conductivity All fasteners are made of stainless steel, the fuse box is input, and the output end is fixed by tightening screws, which can be installed more quickly, and the safety box is fixed by self-tapping screws, which makes installation easier and safer".
  • The sticker can be attached to the electrical appliance we have connected according to the name of the sticker. When the fuse is broken and the red light is on, we can tell the first time which electrical appliance has a problem, saving time and energy.


  • The box can be secured via 4 pre molded holes.
  • Suitable for middle size blade fuse (ATC,ATO).
  • Cover material: Clear PC material(With clear, vibration resistant & snap fit cover).
  • Light Color: Red(As Pictures Show).
  • Input rated voltage: max. DC32v.
  • Input rated current: max.100A.
  • Max current:30AMP/way.
  • Mainline terminal: M5 threaded stud.
  • Mainline: #4-6.
  • Single line terminal: M4 threaded stud.
  • Single line: #12-16.
  • Dimension: 138.25*85*36.5mm(Approx.).
  • Fuse: 3*20A, 3*15A, 3*10A, 3*5A.


  • 1 x Fuse Holder
  • 4 x Screws
  • Fuse: 3*20A, 3*15A, 3*10A, 3*5A
  • Labels